cheryl hooker


With experience in in both the House and Senate, Cheryl Mazzariello Hooker knows the county leaders and systems well. And as a lifelong resident of Vermont, Cheryl knows what we need and how to get it for us. In addition to her work as a teacher, Cheryl served as chair of the Rutland City Democratic Committee and a member of the Rutland City Board of Alderman before moving on to the House and Senate.

Cheryl knows that we’re all worried about the economy, the loss of good paying jobs and the shortage of child care in Rutland County. That last issue is especially problematic. In Cheryl’s own words, we “need affordable, accessible child care, and it isn’t here. So that’s a really big issue that I think is at the root of many of our problems.”

With our help, Cheryl will return to the Senate to tackle the rising cost of health care, education and property taxes. She is the kind of voice we need in Montpelier!

Contact: CHOOKER@NOISEPLANT.COM         802 353-7288, 802 775-5462




Scott Garren is running for Senate to represent his fellow Vermonters, not the big corporate donors. If you’re active in politics in Rutland, you’ve probably run across Scott a few times; his tall, lanky form is a common sight at community events, and he doesn’t shy away from the hard work. Leveraging his background in information technology, he founded Vermont Acts to get the money out of politics. Scott also serves as the Rutland County Democrats Treasurer & State Committeeman. He is an active leader of the Vermont Workers Center, a trustee at Spring Lake Ranch, an Advisor at Rights and Democracy, and Treasurer of the Vermont Political Revolution Fund.

Scott is running to give Rutland a stronger voice in Montpelier. His economic model lays out a path to sustainability, strengthening our business community while creating green jobs and protecting our environment. Scott also has his eye on the bottom line, with ideas about keeping Rutland safe, affordable and vibrant.

Scott has lived in Vermont for 13 years, but his heart has been here since 1958 when he first came as a child. He and wife Heather live in Shrewsbury. They have four children and seven grandchildren – so far!

Scott represents the change we’ve been looking for! Learn more about him here:

Contact: SCOTT@GARRENSHAY.COM     802-779-0455; 802-492-2284




Everyone has probably met Greg Cox at one time or another. As a local farmer, he not only puts food on our table, he was instrumental in re-localizing the food system in Rutland County, co-founding the Vermont Food Center and making the Farmers Market the largest and the best market in the State.

Greg’s commitment to our county didn’t stop here. He served on the West Rutland Planning Commission and represented West Rutland on the Regional Planning Commission. He has been a long-time youth advocate, serving as a Boy Scout leader, a Big Brother and a Vermont Farm Youth Corp leader. He has also mentored young farmers and provided space for an incubator farm, helping to curb the flight of Vermont’s youth.

Greg’s service to the community has been recognized with many awards, including the 2016 Rutland Chamber of Commerce’s Business Man of the Year. He has a proven track-record when it comes to serving Rutland County’s interests. He’s the sort of man we need in the Senate.

Contact: COXVEG@HOTMAIL.COM     802-683-4606



andrew costello


As a former attorney for Rutland City, Sam has already gone above and beyond for us. According to former Rutland City Mayor, Christopher Louras, “It would be an understatement to say he’s irreplaceable…[He’s] extremely successful in protecting the interests of the city in litigation and negotiations.” Prior to Sam’s work for the city, he served as a deputy state’s attorney in Bennington County and worked in private practice in Brooklyn. In his own words, Sam has seen “Everything from union contracts to people who fall on the sidewalks.”

Sam is the one we want looking out for our interests as probate judge!

Contact: ANDREWGCOSTELLO@YAHOO.COM (802) 417-2191



rose kennedy


Rose has served as Rutland County State’s Attorney since February 2015. As such, she is responsible for prosecuting all criminal cases in Rutland County, from homicide to disorderly conduct cases. Rose has been a prosecutor in Vermont since 1999.

Rose’s decision to run for State’s Attorney was fueled in large part by a desire to protect the children of this community. As such, Rose’s office has taken a multi-faceted approach towards drug addiction and drug-related crime, connecting defendants to appropriate treatment providers as much as possible. Since Rose took office, the communication between law enforcement and the Department for Children and Families (DCF), the Child First Advocacy Center (CFAC), and the Office of the State’s Attorney has improved dramatically. Rose also secured a grant that allowed her to direct important resources to the reduction of domestic violence. While reports of domestic violence are rising, this appears to reflect Rose’s efforts to encourage an environment where survivors feel safe enough to report their abuse, knowing that Rose’s office will take them seriously.

Rose is the person we want sitting in the state attorney’s chair!

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Contact: (802) 786-2531 (802) 578-2170



barbara wilson


Barbara runs a small berry and fruit farm and can often be found selling her products at the Middlebury Farmers Market. Though she spent over 35 years working for a large company, living and working the land has always been an integral part of her heritage. Growing up on her family’s small dairy farm shaped Barbara’s strong work ethic, fostering a sense of responsibility and respect for others, and fueling a common sense approach to solving problems.

Through Barbara’s healthcare advocacy, she’s seen firsthand how good policies evolve into questionable legislation that helps a few at the expense of the rest of us. Our rural community is often neglected in Montpelier. We need access to affordable healthcare including publicly financed primary healthcare, mental health and substance addiction treatment for the benefit of all Vermonters; affordable access to post high school education and training that prepare our youth for the work opportunities that are available in Vermont; greater access to affordable childcare and early childhood education for our families; an economy that supports our farms, small businesses and working people; and a commitment to sustainable, green initiatives that protect our farms and natural resources.

Barbara is the voice Addison-Rutland needs in Montpelier!

To learn more, go to WWW.BARBARAWILSONVT.ORG

Contact: BARB@SOLARHAVENFARM.COM  (802) 897-5430

linda joy sullivan


As a small business owner and a Certified Public Accountant—with a legal degree to boot!—Linda knows what it takes to energize our economy and help the little guy. Linda has put that expertise to our advantage, by serving on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity (Bennington County), as a board member for DMTNow! and Northshire Grows, and as founder and board member of Building Empowerment by Stopping Trafficking.

Linda is currently serving in the House as a member of the Commerce and Economic Development Committee, where she helps to craft legislation to provide our state with a strong economic base. She is also the State of Vermont Director of the National Foundation of Women Legislators.

Linda is the representative that Bennington-Rutland needs to look out for their interests in Montpelier!


Contact: LSULLIVAN@LEG.STATE.VT.US  (802) 768-8668

dave potter


Born in Vermont, Dave is a tree farmer, former Rutland high school teacher, and a Vietnam Veteran who retired as a Lt. Col. in the VT Air National Guard. Following his service in the military, Dave threw himself into community work, serving on the University of Vermont Board of Trustees, West Rutland Rotary, Rutland Regional Transportation Council, VT Workforce Development Council, and Clarendon Selectboard.

Dave was first elected to the House in 2005 and is currently the Vice Chair of the House Committee on Transportation.

Dave is the tree farmer that Rutland-2 needs in the State House!

Contact: SHADMTN@MSN.COM  (802) 438-5385

ken fredette


An eighth-generation Vermonter, Ken spent his teen years working on his uncles’ dairy farm in Center Rutland. He went on to become a commercial diver, working throughout New England, while also devoting himself to his community. He served on the school board for 20 years, with some of that time spent as chair of the Wallingford and Rutland South Boards and as president of the Vermont School Boards Association. Ken also spent 15 years as Wallingford’s representative to the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, 20 years volunteering at SolarFest, and three years as chair of the business committee at the First Congregational Church of Wallingford, where he currently serves as moderator.

Ken is eager to forge new ground on the most important issues facing our communities, including education, affordable health care, sustainable energy, protecting the environment, supporting farmers, creating decent jobs, and promoting Vermont products and services. Ken understands Vermont values, and he values Vermont.

Ken is the eighth-generation Vermonter that Rutland-2 needs in Montpelier!

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Contact: KFREDETTEVT@GMAIL.COM  (802) 446-3108

Heather Juliussen-Stevenson bio pic


A former manager of an Information Office for the National Institutes of Health, Heather is now a teacher and a primary caretaker for her father, a veteran with disabilities. Her experiences in the classroom and on both sides of the healthcare sector fueled Heather’s decision to run for office, and she is eager to grapple with the wide scope of problems facing Rutland’s diverse, aging population. Heather has already stepped up to take a leading role in her community, serving as a Secretary of the Rutland County Democrats, Co-leader of the grassroots organization Castleton Indivisible, and advocating around several issues, including racism and climate change, and taking on work as a lead organizer for several community events, such as Rutland’s 2017 Science March.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, Heather will continue to work on building a community where everyone feels welcome, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual identity or ability. She is well-aware of the inroads that racism is making in this state, with white supremacists recruiting Vermonters and young people fleeing in search of more diversity. Vermont’s beauty resides in her people and Heather is committed to preserving that. She hopes to increase protections for Vermont residents from biased and unlawful targeting and discrimination; to gather the data needed to guide education on equality; to encourage investment in, the hiring of, and retention of minorities; and to strengthen the enforcement of regulations guaranteeing access to services and buildings for people with disabilities.

Heather is the go-getter Rutland 5-1 needs in Montpelier!

To learn more, go to

Contact: HEATHER4RUTLAND@GMAIL.COM  802-353-0998



Mary Howard, currently serving and running for Rutland 5-3, has lived in Rutland County for more than forty years. She has a good grasp of local business needs, having worked for three of Rutland County’s major employers: Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, Graybar Electric Company, and, for more than a decade, the Rutland County State’s Attorney Office. It was while working for the State’s Attorney Office that Mary really gained an appreciation for the problems facing her community, especially when it comes to creating new opportunities.

Mary is running for office because, as she puts it, “I have seen the impacts of poverty, mental illness and addiction first hand and I want to do something about it.” During her first two years in office, Mary stood by her fellow Vermonters and pushed the legislature to pursue our best interests.

Mary has also served her community as a United Way volunteer, serving on the Allocations Committee, and participating as a team captain for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life fundraiser.

Mary is the kind of representative we need for Rutland 5-3!

Contact: JMH17@COMCAST.NET      802-236-4477, 802-775-1125

william notte


A fifth generation Vermonter, William is a well-known face for many of us book-lovers, who run into his Rutland shop for the latest releases. As a small business owner, William knows what Vermonters like him need to stay on top of the game. And as a Rutland City Alderman, William is well-aware of the community’s needs.

Rutland 5-4, like many other communities throughout the state, suffers dual hits from a high tax burden and declining population. In order to thrive, such communities need to decrease the tax burden of owning a home or business. They also need to increase the population of working age people who wish to call these communities home. William’s top priority as a state representative would be to address the tax burden through analysis of state expenses and priorities, while also questioning how to best encourage stable, sustaining population growth many of our communities need.

William is the bookseller Rutland 5-4 needs in Montpelier!

To learn more, go to

Contact: WILLNOTTE@GMAIL.COM (802) 779-6369

stephanie jerome


With her own small business in innovative education and science, Vermont-native Stephanie understands the Vermont economy. But she also has her eye on where we need to go, having worked at the forefront of science and industry as a policy analyst at NASA.

Stephanie puts her experience to work for us, serving as Chair of the Brandon Planning Commission. Thanks to her guidance, several properties in Brandon have undergone improvements to create affordable commercial spaces for young businesses to have a place to grow and to thrive. An avid volunteer, Stephanie also served as President of the Friends of Otter Valley Music, President of Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce, member of Brandon Economic Development Committee, Brandon Revolving Loan Fund, Cancer Advisory Board- UVM Medical Center, and Vermont Arts Council.

In Montpelier, Stephanie will sponsor legislation that works for all of us, ensuring that our communities and families can thrive. Every Vermonter should have the opportunity to earn a livable wage, receive high-quality affordable healthcare, get a great education, and retire with security. Every Vermonter should get a fair shot, contribute their fair share, and play by the same set of rules. With Stephanie, we have the ability to boost our local economy and build stronger, healthier communities.

Stephanie is the NASA analyst Rutland 6 needs in the State House!

To learn more, go to


tim guiles


A pianist and teacher with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra Chorus and the Middlebury College Community Chorus, Tim understands the needs of working Vermonters, having experience in several different fields, having worked as a Robotics Software Engineer, farmhand, librarian, logger, TiNY house builder, and Musical Theater Director. In addition to starting two businesses and building his own solar-powered house, Tim has devoted himself to a wide variety of volunteer efforts, from work as an EMT and a Literacy Tutor to work with Project Independence, Habitat for Humanity, Washington Electric Co-op Board, and in the prison system.

A strong, local economy is the foundation to a vibrant and sustainable future. Tim is committed to ensuring that our money is funneled back into the local economy, instead of going into the pockets of Wall Street bankers. To that end, Tim plans to foster initiatives to protect Vermont’s diverse small scale agricultural operations, including family farms, orchards and woodlots. He also believes that healthcare is a human right, and supports universal, single-payer health care, birth to death, provided through a nonprofit, publicly financed system. To ensure our health—and the health of future generations—Tim seeks to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, fossil fuel use. And since a healthy democracy requires public participation, Tim will work to amplify the voices of the people, and to reduce the power of corporate lobbyists.

Tim is the piano-player Rutland 6 needs in Montpelier!

To learn more, go to www.TIMGUILES.COM

Contact: TIMOTHYGUILES@GMAIL.COM (802) 279-2168



A current member of the House, Robin spent much of his youth in Vermont, where he returned as an adult to raise two daughters with his wife. He has served on numerous boards and commissions, spending 10 years on the Select Board. Always on top of things, Robin founded his town’s newsletter, and is now a columnist for Rutland Herald. In the meantime, Robin has run his own remodeling business has taught in multiple settings from at-risk teen outreach programs to college classrooms.

Robin is currently serving on the Energy and Technology Committee and on the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules. His commitment to the constituents is reflected in his aversion to donations from corporations. With Robin representing his neighbors, Rutland-Bennington will continue to make progress in every walk of life, from rural development and clean energy to tax reform and social justice.

Robin is the candidate that Rutland-Bennington can trust to watch out for their interests in the State House!

To learn more, go to ROBINFORREP.COM

Contact: TALISMAN@VERMONTEL.NET  (802) 282-5535 (802) 235-2050


logan nicholl


Born and raised in Ludlow, Logan grew up in the same house where he now lives with his wife and their dog. This area is important to Logan and it’s important to him that this area continues to be a place that Logan can call home.

Logan currently serves on the Ludlow Planning Commission and the Ludlow Selectboard. As a representative in Montpelier, Logan would use his experience to reform Vermont’s failing drug policy. Vermont spends $50,000/inmate per year, money that could be more effective spent in treatment programs. Not only has this approach worked elsewhere, but it would encourage the growth of a new industry in Vermont. It’s time that Vermont led the nation on ending the drug war.

Logan is the candidate Rutland-Windsor 2 needs in Montpelier!

To learn more, go to LOGAN4VT.COM

Contact: LOGANMNICOLL@GMAIL.COM  (802) 345-8430

sandy haas


Sandy has been honored to serve in the Vermont House for the past 14 years. She is a member of the Human Services Committee and has served as vice-chair for the past 8 years. She has also been appointed to several joint committees, including Justice Oversight, Child Protection Oversight and Judicial Rules. In prior sessions, Sandy served on committees working on cervical cancer, fair treatment of faculty at the State Colleges and improving access to palliative care. In 2013, she co-chaired a study committee on the needs of offenders with mental health or other significant functional impairments.

Prior to Sandy’s election to the House, she was self-employed in Rochester for 23 years, both as a lawyer and as co-owner of a bed and breakfast. She served on the Rochester Planning Commission, the board of the Clara Martin Center and the board of the White River Valley Players.

Going forward, Sandy plans to focus on health care and end-of-life issues, climate change, wise corrections policy, support for our rural economy, and the opioid epidemic. She looks forward to working with her colleagues in committees and caucuses to find effective strategies to resolve these issues.

Sandy is the voice that Windsor-Rutland needs to keep in Montpelier!

Contact: SHAAS@SOVER.NET  (802) 767-4751