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Reproductive Rights in VT

Why do we need legislation protecting women’s reproductive rights in Vermont? Currently there are over 12 cases related to restricting access to abortion heading to the Supreme Court. By taking steps now, Vermont can ensure that we have leverage if Roe v. Wade is in fact overturned.

Vermont legalized abortion in 1972 through a court case (Beecham v Leahy) one year before the Supreme Court case Roe.v Wade. In Vermont there are no laws currently on the books restricting access to abortion care, such as waiting periods or parental notification. There are also no laws on the books preserving access to abortion care.

H.57 will codify abortion access in Vermont, mirroring what is in practice now.

PR.5 will codify a person’s reproductive rights

Reasons to support this legislation:

All people deserve medically sound, comprehensive, and culturally appropriate sexual and reproductive health information. It is a deeply personal decision of whether, when, and how to become a parent. When a woman has decided to end her pregnancy, she should be able to get safe, timely, affordable care in her community, without anyone shaming, threatening, or trying to impose their beliefs on her. We cannot know all the personal and medical circumstances behind someone’s decision to have an abortion. Every person’s situation is different, and we should respect that this decision is hers to make, with her family and in accordance with her faith.

It’s an issue of access to care, and of economics. Women make up nearly half the workforce and play a vital role in our economy’s success. When women are able to control their reproductive decisions, they are able to make their own decisions about their participation in the workforce, in their communities, and Vermont is stronger for it. Women are justified in being concerned about the financial consequences of carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term. Because the responsibility of raising a child born after being denied an abortion falls disproportionately on women, restricting abortion access threatens women’s economic security. Giving birth, instead of being able to access a wanted abortion, vastly increases the odds that a woman’s household income will be below the Federal Poverty Level and that she will note be able to cover basic living needs.

In league with top medical professionals, the Vermont Medical Society has submitted testimony to the House Human Services Committee supporting H.57.

When women have access to the full range of reproductive health care it helps them control their lives, health, and future, and we are all better off.