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Comment on the governor’s budget and regulations on sexual assault

The governor is seeking our feedback on the budget. This is an important way to be heard! Go to and select the link in the third paragraph for “online survey.”


Due Jan 29: Your comment on DeVos’ proposal to roll back protections for sexual assault victims on college campuses

The number of false rape accusations are VASTLY outnumbered by the number of rapes (even disregarding the many assaults that we know go unreported). But Education Secretary Betsy DeVos defends her proposal, which provides more protection for the accused, by exaggerating the number of false accusations. Evidence shows that one in five women have been attacked, whereas the number of false accusations is only 2-6%, the same rate for other crimes. College campuses have a history of trying to sweep assaults under the rug, putting their students at risk and leaving perpetrators free to prey on others.

Sen. Bernie Sanders called DeVos’ proposal “a disgrace and a disservice.” Stand with him and tell the government not to move forward with DeVos’ plan.

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