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Rutland Co is losing!

Rutland County comes in 5th on completing the census!

Have friends & family taken the census yet?

We’re lagging far behind other counties in the state. And 45 other states (including Washington DC) have a higher rate of completing the census than Vermont.This will hurt Vermont and Rutland County!Take the census & send the link to your friends & family

Why does the census matter?

  • Census data determines how much federal funding we get for education, infrastructure, health care, housing assistance, and other more.
  • According to VPIRG, Vermont gets about $4,000 per resident in federal funding every year.

Time is running out to complete the 2020 Census. Be counted!

Take the census & send the link to your friends & family:

Taking the census will also ensure that census-takers don’t have to risk their lives in a pandemic knocking on your door!

Anyone looking for a temporary job should consider applying to be a census taker!The work lasts until at least Sept. 30th and can be full or part-time. Vermont is paying $20/hour plus bonus pay for Sunday. And Vermont is trying to hire 1,000 more people! Help Vermont get counted. Here is the link to apply:

Thank you!